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12:32:37 AM Nov 12th 2011
edited by Camacan
If there is useful material in here it can be added to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer example. I lack the knowledge to sort it out properly. I suggest keeping the trope's scope firmly in mind while doing it.

  • This is particularly galling in that in his first appearances Buffy's father seemed like a perfectly decent and caring man whose primary reason for not being a big part of Buffy's life was that he lived in a different city and that her parents were divorced, and his later degeneration into absentee deadbeat dad who was more interested in his mistress than his family seemed bolted on to make Buffy's family life seem ever more dysfunctional and to add to the Wangsty pile of misery that her life was.
    • I suppose Your Milage May Vary on this one. I saw Hank Summers going through the motions for a year, but failing to relate to his daughter, as we see in "When She Was Bad", then flaking on Buffy's birthday (Sweet 16, no less), and eventually fully embracing the cliche. Not every deadbeat starts off that way.

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