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Daibhid C: Does Alfred Pennyworth's frequent ever-so-polite questioning of Master Bruce's lifestyle qualify him? I'm thinking of lines like (from The Movie of Batman: The Animated Series): "Why you're the very model of sanity. Oh by the way, I pressed your tights and put away your exploding gas balls."

Looney Toons: You better believe it. I think Michael Caine's Alfred from Batman Begins was one of the best in this regard.

s5555: Can GLaDOS from Half-Life 2's Portal be considered a deadpan snarker?
Fast Eddie: No idea who the person in the picture might be, or why some-guy-with-a-headache is supposed to help me understand the trope.

dkellis: That's Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, the first example on the page. That's his iconic expression/gesture when even words fail him. Now, I absolutely love the series and giggled out loud when I first saw the picture on the trope page, but I'm also open to the idea of a picture change. However, I'm not sure what sort of picture would be better, since the Deadpan Snarker relies mostly on the lack of visual cues.

Fast Eddie: Swapped the picture for a Daria.

Citizen: -_-;;

Seth: I actually preferred Kyon. Daria is good too and more recognizable, but Kyon works just as well if you have seen Haruhi and is a prettier picture.

Scrounge: I'm sure there's another page where that Daria picture would be a better fit, but for the life of me I can't think of which one.

Lale: Kyon is this trope incarnate- he has to stay. Moved daria to The Daria, as was wisely advised.

Citizen: Thank you. ;_;

FastEddie: The caption saves it. For us Muggles, a few words can make all the difference. ;)

William Wide Web: Who got rid of "The only prescription for a headache like that is snide remarks"?

Catch The Sun: Janitor, maybe this was your point but whose photo is that and how does it reflect Deadpan Snarking?

Janitor: Added a caption. The picture at least gets the "deadpan" component across.

Game Guru GG: Garofalo looks like she's in a police lineup. Whatever that pic is supposed to be, it ain't deadpan or snark, that's for sure. The current picture doesn't even have a quote that is snarky. Even if the previous pic had an unknown anime character, he at the very least also had a snarky caption. Heck, I could probably come up with half a dozen better ideas not even involving an anime character.

Janitor: Trot 'em out.

animu: goog god, somebody please change that pic

GoatBoy: Okay, the edit function on the main page is broken. FIX IT!

Shoebox: Is the main page locked to prevent the pic being changed again? If so, can we at least put the matter to a vote? 'Cause I agree, even if Garofalo is the snarkiest human alive, that pic absolutely doesn't get it across. I didn't have a clue who the other guy was, but (with the caption) I got the snarkiness OK.

Lumbargo: Agreed. Who the heck is this police lineup lady?

Janitor: Okay. We'll just do without a pic on this one. It turned into "my fandom is better than yours", which doesn't help the article in any way.

Smokie: Actually, it didn't. Who exactly opposed the Kyon picture? It was fine like that for months.

Life Virus 7: Looks like it was Fast Eddie and Janitor, if the above conversation wasn't made up.

Smokie: Fast Eddie was okay with it + the caption. It's funny how this is supposed to be a "fandom war" when people simply gave arguments why a 110x140 picture of a woman staring at you is neither deadpan nor snark. But oookay.

Janitor: Page is locked again. Not going to have the same conversation over and over. The article will not have a picture. If you can't live with that, sorry, but too bad.

Game Guru GG: So you are just going to keep the page locked so that no one can add a picture... Isn't that going against the ENTIRE definition of a Wiki? While I did say I could suggest half a dozen pics for this trope... it doesn't mean I'm actually going to. I refuse to contribute to a Wiki Page that I myself cannot edit.

Can we at least have a "%%No pictures allowed" message hidden? We still need to add examples to this page

Janitor: We had one. Somebody deleted it and put back in the picture that started the whole thing.

Please let me add the fucking picture, you bastards!

Some New Guy: Agreed. The Kyon pic was a reasonably accurate portrayal of this trope. I don't see how it managed to become such an issue.

Shoebox: Me neither, as long as it has the caption. I'd also like to point out, by way of illustrating the hazards of permalocking the page, that the first example starts out 'Pictured above...'

Game Guru GG: Can we have a picture again? I mean, not to insult the admins of this site or anything, but the Kyon Picture and especially the Caption fit the trope. I've complained earlier about Garofalo, and I've found the perfect way to show why the Kyon picture and caption work versus why Garafolo didn't and couldn't. There was a general complaint about tropes having Just An Anime Face And A Caption, like this trope... The problem is, it was replaced with Just a Face and a Caption when it was replaced with Garafolo. The Caption, however, is what made the Kyon Picture work. It's Snarky in the way a Deadpan Snarker would comment. The picture doesn't have to be of Kyon... Just someone, perferably a Deadpan Snarker, doing some action to indicate a headache caused by stupidity and with the exact same caption as the Kyon pic, and it would work just as well as the Anime Pic did.