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Would The Phantom of the Paradise be an example? It's a bit campy, it's got grim humor, a bit of a downer ending and it's a satire about music business. The music is really great. Just ask Winnipeg, where the OST was certified gold alone. Or France, where a Special Edition DVD was released last year.

Neophos: Just how is The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy a cult classic? Practically everyone who has even just touched upon brittish humor or scifi knows about it. Classic, yeah. But cult? No way.

Daibhid C: I dunno, I'm constantly amazed how many people have never heard of Terry Pratchett, despite every book hitting the top of the bestseller list and staying there. Douglas Adams may be in the same boat.

Ross N: I don't think either of them are really eligible, unless we are going to include practically all genre book fiction - Discworld and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy might not be as famous as Star Trek or Superman, but they have seen millions of books sold, numerous radio and TV versions and a full scale Hollywood movie in the case of Hitchikers.

Lord Incompetent: To make reading the article easier, I alphabetized it.

Some of these fail the definition. Hitchhiker's Guide was way too popular at the time-and still is-to be "cult". I'm pretty sure Dune was a massive hit when it first came out too. Xena was once the most popular syndicated show on TV. I think Legacy of Kain was a hit (the first game), as were some other ones. I thought Cult Classics weren't popular at the time but gained a following in retrospect, many of these seem to be just "they're genre and have a following now, popularity at the time be damned".

No Buddy: Another example that doesn't fit: Deus Ex. If it's widely-known enough to become PC Gamer's #1 game of all time...