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Talyn: I think we need to get rid of the "Nine Chickweed Lane" quote. It's not terribly applicable to a Church Militant, and comes across as a fairly rude Take That! against religion in general.
Achewater: Think we should add Father Grigori from Half-Life 2, or does he not qualify due to being A. Possibly not an actual priest (it's implied in one line of dialogue) B. Completely and totally INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE, which necessitates his placement in a different category?

Paul A: I'm not familiar with Half-Life 2, but a potentially useful question suggests itself: Is Father Grigori part of a group, and specifically a group within the Church, or is he acting on his own?

Achewater: Grigori is technically acting alone. Okay, some explanation of the plot then. You encounter Father Grigori inside a town overrun with zombies created through parasitic alien "headcrabs". "I am Father Grigori. You have already met my... congregation! *mad laughter*" He is the only human survivor until you appear - and he almost takes a shot at you when you do.

He's strung Ravenholm with various traps that he says are "the work of a man with too much time on his hands, and now only has time for the work of salvation" implying that he may not be an actual priest. He's turned the church into a heavily fortified base, and he patrols the city from a system of catwalks and balconies across the rooftop, "freeing" his congregation.

He's certainly not part of a larger group, unless he was the last of a group of survivors, and it is implied that he may not even survive your escape from Ravenholm. So that would be a "no". I wonder if there's a category for this sort of Omega Man... World War Z called them "RC"s for Robinson Crusoes and LA Mo Es for L Ast Man on Earth.

BT The P: Why not just call them Omega Men?
Seth: See i would have put the redirect here and kept the page on The Church Militant. But so long as the redirect holds i dont suppose it makes any difference.

Citizen: Well, I decided I might as well, since I was moving this to Character Tropes.
Mister Six: Took out the Hellblazer reference because Constantine doesn't like the church or guns. The editor who put that in might have been thinking of the film, which wasn't much like the comic at all.
Kilyle: If I'm thinking of the right character, William Stryker recently gave over his body to be melded with an electronic entity who had been killing people. The end of that story had him exchanging some words with Shadowcat, such that it seemed he could see a day when humans and mutants got along. If he's really done the Redemption Equals Death thing, and I'm not thinking of the wrong character, I'd like someone to put up a line to that effect, with a redirect to Redemption Equals Death.

Also, perhaps when we get more entries, it might be useful to separate the good Church Militants from the bad in the example list. Nicolas D. Wolfwood is a creature far removed from that guy on Hellsing. And the series that deal with both good and bad Church Militants could be separated, too. Contrasting similar elements makes it easier to pick up on the tropes at play.
...Where's that picture from?


fleb: That's where it is, but where'd you get it from originally?

Essex: Seconded. That pic is badass and I wouldn't mind making a wallpaper of it.

Citizen: Ah, I thought you were asking for the series the characters were from. Here.


otherrick: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Actual Catholic Theologian, here. Virtually EVERYTHING about the Catholic Church in the Real Life section is a 'You Fail History Forever' statement. To the Church 'Church Militant' means 'all living Catholics', for example. Plus, all Templars, all Teotonics, and all Hospitalers were/are monks or priests - the 'priests used clubs to sneakily avoid a ban on shedding blood' idea was invented by Protestant hitorians to illustrate how corrupt Catholics are, but it only exists for some groups. I am more than willing to clean this up....