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So was the Vizier the weakest piece on the board? Or what order did those changes come in?

Devil's Advocate: Deleting the response from this entry:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Any fork that threatens more than two pieces; only one can be taken anyway.
    • Use a Knight to fork a King and a Queen with no immediate threat to said Knight. That's not impractical, that's a huge blow to your opponent. Even if you do lose the Knight in the process, it's still a very uneven exchange.

The responder missed the fact that the person who added Awesome, but Impractical specified more than two pieces. Last time I checked "a King and a Queen" are not "more than two pieces."

Doktor von Eurotrash: This page is Made of Win.

Yannick: Who assigned the Five-Man Band tasks in the piece description? Having rooks as The Big Guys makes sense, but pawns aren't redshirts, kings aren't The Smart Guy, bishops aren't The Lancer, Knights are certainly not The Hero and by no means could anyone see the queen as The Chick...