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Doktor von Eurotrash: I'm glad someone mentioned the issue with Sgt. Hatred from The Venture Bros.. I've been a bit bothered by Hank being so cool with him in later seasons when, in the Season 2 finale, he was anxious enough to put on a disguise before sitting next to Hatred at the table.

  • While it's fairly plausible to see the Shrinking Violet Ginny Weasley of the second Harry Potter book and the Action Girl Ginny of the last book as the same person due to a combination of her preteen crush on Harry and Character Development, this does not go for the Ginny of the first book in which she cries when she's told she's too young to go to Hogwarts. That's pretty darn immature for a ten-year-old and it's hard to reconcile that with the girl who by that point would have secretly been practicing Quidditch for four years.

-Not unless you're really nitpicky. This Ginny shows the same characteristics as later Ginny- excited and enthusiastic about Hogwarts, close to Fred and George, starstruck about Harry- ten year olds are pretty immature, and Ginny was obviously really set on going to Hogwarts. She would also be alone in the house without any brothers for the first time in her life- give the girl a break. Also, she was described as "half laughing, half crying" so it wasn't like she was curling up and sobbing "oh woe is me"- she was just over emotional and excited. I don't think this really counts as an example of the trope.