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Korval Removing this nonsense:

  • Mirror's Edge, being a first person free-running game, means that you only see what your character sees in the direction her head is turned.

If Mirror's Edge is a Camera Screw, then every first-person game ever made is a Camera Screw.

Steel Beast 6 Beets; Taking out:

  • Bomberman 64 features an egregious example of this trope; specifically, the camera is forcefully moved far below the (transparent) floor of the stage.
    • Which basically turns the whole level into an upside-down top down scroller, really more of an Unexpected Genre Change than anything else. Still annoying though.

It's not really a proper example as it is actually part of the gimmick of the level, aptly named "Shiny Slippery Icy Floor". This level has Bomberman sliding through the titular icy floor while fighting snowflakes, evil snowmen and little birdy thingies that resemble ice-cream cups. The camera shift is just to make things a bit more difficult for us.

About that Final Fantasy XII example, has anybody encountered that problem? I cannot seem to reproduce that unless I intentionaly screw up the camera.

Andrew: Do we need both Yahtzee quotes?

Tanto: Given that they're both kind of generic, we don't really need either.