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06:36:55 PM Jan 17th 2018
Final Fantasy X is notorious for this: It's not only the Temple of Macalania that has this problem, but also when you do the chocobo race on the Calm Plain for obtaining the Sun Sigil for Tidus: The camera swinging to and fro can make it difficult to stay on the path that allows you to both beat the chocobo trainer and evade any oncoming birds. The second problem is the chocobo race at the Temple of Remium: Since the angle of the camera is constantly shifting, but the chocobo doesn't adjust its course to the position of the controller stick, you have to constantly wiggle it for it to stay on course and still be able to beat the other chocobo. This is also a case of Fake Difficulty...
09:36:58 AM Jun 17th 2014
Do we really need two Zero Punctuation quotes and a Zero Punctuation image?
07:42:38 PM May 10th 2014
Is this really limited to third-person-view games?

Having slinky kneecaps (or a slinky neck) can also affect first-person games. Here's a tip, game-makers: try looking and walking at the same time and see how much your field of view actually bounces around.

It might be Reality Is Unrealistic: they've coded all the reverse kinematics that go with walking and the PC's head really does bob around like that, but they failed to account for the brain's editing that movement out of concious perception.
03:52:43 PM Mar 1st 2011
It's kinda naive to blame a bad feature of a game on "Lazy or Incompetent" developers. Much more often than that it's due to a game being forced out the door in way too little time to finish a game.

Also, The second bullet point doesn't seem very accurate either. Putting a game in third person is never "to show off environments".

I would remove them myself, but it would leave the "reasons" section very bare, and I'm not sure what kinda formatting/conventions I should follow when making bullet points, so I'll let some other chumps do it for me :D
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