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Radical Taoist: Tidied the page up and saw the opportunity for a zinger aimed at the entire troper community (including myself) with the Truth in Television example. It was too good to pass up. I apologize for everything, and regret nothing.

Landstander: Don't apologize... best zinger ever!

Nornagest: If we have that, do we really need the Troper Tales section?

R Taco: Personally, I wouldn't mind somethin' zingier. The Troper Tales for this trope are overflowing with ego. :P Also, I got rid of some of this uneccessary Natter:

rutheni: Maybe it's just me, but I think a picture of the Tedd/Susan slap fight would make the Troper Tales much more bearable. Just imagine... *read read read* "Ugh" *scroll up* "Yay!" See? I thought of this because it would match the tone of the recently-added back-and-forth. ADDENDUM: Wouldn't somebody classifying themselves as this implicitly be designating themselves a minor character, by virtue of the fact that the actual main characters of their scenario are out actually accomplishing things?
Known Unknown: Just curious, but what's the deal with the constant changing of the pic caption? This is like the fifth time I've come to this page and it's been something completely different. Dub disagreement? I've never seen whatever the pic comes from, so I don't really know.
  • Possibly. At least it's not like the best ice cream flavor thing at Timey-Wimey Ball.