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Simoun doesn't have bridge bunnies. It has a cold-hearted bitch and crotchety old men.

The Messis doesn't have bridge bunnies, but the Arcus Prima does. Who exactly do you mean by "cold-hearted bitch?" And who are the "crotchety old men?" — Susan Davis

the bridge bunnies were dead by the time of the sentinels in the robotech version, so they would not have been in it. false info removed.

Binaroid: The deleted text was about plans to parody/homage the original Macross/Robotech Bridge Bunnies in Robotech: The Sentinels by giving Lisa an all-male bridge crew; the original Bridge Bunnies would, of course, still be dead. Restoring the entry.

What the original entry said was that they went up with lisa and selected the males... and that was wrong.

I couldn't remember the other Macross Frontier Bunnies' names and The Other Wiki failed me. Help would be appreciated.
Medinoc: Do the two nurses on the Baron's Humongous Mecha count as Bridge Bunnies ?

Would the character-specific starship crews from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya episode The Day of Sagittarius count as Bridge Bunnies? The only ones that are all definitely female are Yuki's.

Willbyr: RahXephon should probably get a mention on this page, although its male/female bridge litter is about even as I recall.

Ye Olde Luke: Did the top picture change at some point? The article talks about Rand, but the picture is of Uhura (someone who really doesn't fit this trope that well).

Medinoc: Yes it did, and it's recent: 21/Jun/09 at 03:21 PM by Gemmifer

Ye Olde Luke: Would anyone mind if I change it back? Unless there are objections I'll revert the image tomorrow night at 11:00.

Medinoc: No objection from me. Especially since Star Trek is/was described somewhere on this wiki as "one of the rare series to have male Bridge Bunnies" (Chekov and Sulu).

Nofairytale: Mobile Suit Gundam doesn't really fit the trope because the real useless bridge crews are Omur & Marker, both male. Frau is not really a bridge bunny (she's unofficially the ship's baby sitter, and has no seat on the bridge), while Sayla is arguably as important as Bright, Kai and Hayato in the plot.