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05:33:36 PM Apr 14th 2011
Wait. How'd you describe this to a non troper in a few words? I need it for a logline.
07:33:36 PM Feb 3rd 2011
edited by Camacan
This is one of those tropes where there is little to say about examples that don't fit the trope. Without Word of God or lampshading any non-example is just a non-example, especially if it doesn't relate to the bridge staff.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Maya Ibuki, Shigeru Aoba and Makoto Hyuuga are definite subversions, in that two are male and all play prominent parts in the story.

  • Full Metal Panic!
    • Subverted in , where the captain of the Tuatha de Danaan is the young, and quite attractive, dojikko Teletha Testarossa, and the rest of the submarine's bridge crew is composed of largely unremarkable soldiers of both sexes.
01:07:19 PM Jun 17th 2010
major marks from stargate atlantis does NOT count AT ALL. re-read the whole trope description. He is not subordinate eye candy for the captain to ogle, which is the whole point of the trope. he's just a guy who happens to work in space.
11:54:10 PM Jun 16th 2010
Soupdragon: What!? No real life examples? How can this be!?
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