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Looney Toons: Are they really Native Americans if they were born and raised on another planet?

Kendrakirai: It makes some measure of sense in the show, honest.

Semiapies: They were transplanted by aliens.

Looney Toons: I should have put a <grin> on that — it was supposed to be facetious.

Charred Knight: Why do I have a feeling a British person wrote this while ignoring all of Britain's Rape The Dog moments, like the occasional massacre in India.

If it involves the Real Life US military, which is probably the perfect Real Life example of this trope, expect the film not to be Backed by the Pentagon, as they only like Eagleland style propaganda, not the truth.

Phartman: I caught that too; British or not, that's a pretty fucking loaded statement and it doesn't belong here.

Meltemi: Reduced to the following, which should be value-neutral and more applicable to negative portrayals of militaries in general.

If a Real Life military is portrayed in this light, expect the film not to be Backed by the Pentagon. For right or wrong, most institutions generally prefer to not be party to their own disparagement.

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