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Dalek Kan Noladti: Might it not be simpler to list examples of comic-book superheroes who aren't ambiguously Jewish?

Peteman: In reference to the Malcolm in the Middle thing, Jews were the largest and most vocal victims of the Holocaust, but there were plenty of other victims.

Scifantasy: I disagree with this:

  • Joshua Lyman from The West Wing would fit this trope... if it weren't for Toby Ziegler constantly reminding him that he's Jewish and he should act more like it. Aside from what Toby says, there's very little evidence.

...because to this New York Jew, Josh is pretty identifiably Jewish, just not religious. (It's very hard to describe the difference; I keep considering launching Useful Notes On Judaism.) And given that Aaron Sorkin is also a New York Jew, I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

  • I wrote it, and I'm open to correction. As far as I can remember Josh said his grandfather was imprisoned in Birkenau, and he once described CJ as a "shiksa". Other than what Toby says, that's all that I noticed. Mind you, I'm not Jewish myself.

Dotdotdot: How is The Producers at all ambiguous? The fact they they're jews doing a musical about Hitler is pretty much the joke.

In reference to the Nathan Detroit entry, Nathan Lane is not actually Jewish, no matter how he acts.

Scifantasy: OK, on the page history right now, Jordan says that he sees all of Komarr as Jewish. And I just had to laugh—because so do I. But I decided to focus on Galeni instead. The evidence for Komarr as a whole is weaker. But feel free to add it, Jordan.