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Seth: Kat Kit these are good tropes but we have the line before and after examples and you don't need to mark an entry twice with the same markup.

KatKit: Sorry. It's my first time adding to a wiki. ^^;

Seth: Dont sweat it, you will learn fast. These are great tropes you are adding so keep it up.

Masami Phoenix: I'm not going to cut it at this point, but I don't see how Magus counts as this.

anon: Because he gets all the cool lines :p

Uknown Troper: Removed Sarevok. You don't even learn he's your brother until the second-to-last chapter, at which point he's already killed your foster father and Xanatos Gambited you into a position where most players will want his head on a pike, and not feel inferior. He's also not a bishonen.

Umptyscope: Would Mycroft Holmes fit?

DOTMW Any particular reason we felt it necessary to remove the picture?