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Looney Toons: I removed the reference to Kotaro from the Negima example because he doesn't appear in the anime.

SAMAS: Why? It's not the first manga example used in an anime trope. And I don't mean just Negima.

On another note, is the type of CSB where he's saddled with an Adult Child, and is clearly the responsible one of the group notable enough to mention as anything more than the example of Jim Hawking of Outlaw Star? Come to think of it, that example sometimes crosses gender lines(Kaname in sCRYed for example). Maybe it should be a trope by itself...

YYZ: I wonder if what you're talking about isnt' at least a little related to the Oyaji Kid.

Citizen: Is that Hitsugaya example from Bleach really right? I thought he was supposed to be a kid genius, that his bankai wasn't complete yet because he was so young (as in, younger than Ichigo).

Twin Bird: Would Shotaro himself fit this trope?

Ack Sed:I know I shouldn't be thinking this,but would Aang be one of these? Which would make Katara...y'know.

Lale: Nah, he's Really 700 Years Old. But in earnest, he rarely takes anything seriously, but everyone takes him seriously and treats him like the cosmic powered being he is, and he never comes across as girlish.

Also Katara is barely older, so it's not all that nasty. Unless we took it to another extreme.

Kilyle: Does Utena's... dang, forget his name. Likes Nanami. Tried to endanger her so he could save her. Does he count?

osh: Tsuwabuki, and allowing for the odd standard of the show, probably.

Mullon: Does the boy have to be responsible, or just cute? What is the child version of Bishōnen?

TroperOnAStick: Same question as above. Because if the answer is 'no', Rua/Lua/Leo from Yu-gi-oh 5Ds probably counts.

KrisMahai: Removed Naruto again, because he's not really an example. This time it says that he is as a young boy, and he's close, but... he doesn't fit exactly. Plus, he's not shown as a young boy in the show. If it's not shown in flashbacks (which it isn't), or doesn't apply to him in the time period shown in the show (it doesn't), then it's not an example. It'll probably just get put on there again by people who don't read the discussion, so I'll check back soon.