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Working Title: A Mech By Any Other Name: From YKTTW

Sunder The Gold: How is this any different from Humongous Mecha? It references mecha, and it lists their unique names.

Wascally Wabbit: Really can't see the point of this. Are we to have a page for evey Evil Overlord or Cape who doesn't use the exact term. Cut List ing this.

SAMAS: Actually, I think we do have a Cape listing around here...
That said, Super Heroes and villains are, more often than not, called as such in the vast majority of works featuring them. Mechs, on the other hand, are pretty much at a 1:1 ratio, at least, of names to sources.
You know, we discussed this in the YKTTW too, if you'd like to check the link.

Nerem: "SRW is pretty much the king of this. They also have Dynamic General Guardians, Elemental Lords, Supermechanical Gods & many others." <— Dynamic General Guardian is a model line, not a mecha type - they're actually Armored Modules.

Do we really need to bold every single instance? It's a little jarring. Octane