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Skrcha: The Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon has a load of tropes not seen in the game, and as far as most fans are concerned, is pretty much separate from the games anyway. I propse we make a separate page for it. Anyone up to it?

Ununnilium: It'd be a bad idea, IMHO, to create a separate page for each game; I would suggest putting a link for each sub-group, like so.

Kendra Kirai: Okay, I'm going to do something here. I'm going to change the Mega Man entry that's here now (As of 4:18 PST Friday November 24,2006) into Mega Man Series, and have the Mega Man entry be for the Mega Man "Classic"/"Original" entry. It'll be much simpler that way. The other options are "Mega Man Game" "Mega Man (Classic)" (Which is a misnomer, since that's not it's name) or "Mega Man Original" (Ditto). I tried to use the name changer, but it doesn't seem to like my login for the media uploader and that's the only one I've got, so I'm going to have to bring it over manually. I'll be writing the entry offline first, so if anyone comes along who can make the change and keep all of the info, please do. This'll probably take a couple hours.

Ununnilium: Ugh, I don't like that. Mega Man should be the series identifier, since, well, it is. Star Trek is a good example here. I'd use Mega Man (Classic).

Kendra Kirai: Star Trek is a little different's been pretty much officially renamed into "Star Trek: The Original Series". No such thing happened with Mega Man. I wish we could do the Wikipedia thing and use brackets..then it'd be {{Mega Man (Game)}}.

Kendra Kirai: Still time for anyone else to chime in with objections/support, I'm still collecting images for use with the entries, which is a fairly big job for my plans for them.

Ununnilium: Mega Man Series is clunkier than Mega Man Original, though, and Mega Man is more often used on this wiki to refer to all the games than just the Dr. Wily ones. There's a reason why they did it with Star Trek, after all.
Willy Four Eyes: Transferred some of the examples from Mega Man X to its own page. Once we get some of the other series on this wiki, we should move them, as well.

HeartBurn Kid: Fixed the bit about Mega Man 9. It's not going to be an actual NES game, if only because Capcom no longer has an NES dev kit.

{{The cartoon vs. the anime}}: could use an explanation, since the general public considers anime to be a form of cartoon, and non-fans who distinguish between the two still won't see what the major difference in this case is (I'm assuming it is about the target audience age, but nowhere near sure from reading it).

Removed from main page:

  • Does it count as subverted if the circular sawblades worked on everything?
    • It would if they did. They didn't. It was just effective against most minor monsters and was the weakness of two (three if you count the rematch) robot masters.
    • Um, just from memory - Bubble Man, Flash Man, Wood Man, and Air Man were all weak to Metal Blade. Half the Robot Masters in the game. (Quick Man and Crash Man just have the blades bounce off of them harmlessly, and I don't know about Heat Man, but he's probably weak to Metal Blade also.) (Of course, we all know about Metal Man.)
    • Your memory is wrong. Air Man is immune to the Metal Blade, and although it works on Wood Man, it's the WORST special weapon to use against him that does any damage at all (Crash Bomb penetrates shield; Atomic Fire and Air Shooter do more damage.) As for Heat Man, he takes more damage from the MEGA BUSTER than the Metal Blade. No joke. Only Bubble and Flash Man (and Metal in the rematch) are weak to the Blade.

Alilatias: Um... Exactly how are we going to categorize the new Mega Man crossover game between Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Star Force down there? Do we just stick it in both sections?