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Harpie Siren: I moved the information to Lilo & Stitch: The Series, so this can be used for the original movie.

Morgan Wick: Is that the actual name for it, or should it be Lilo & Stitch?

Harpie Siren: Yes, as a matter of fact it is...

Morgan Wick: Wasn't insulting you, just checking.

Cassius335: An anime? What?

EDIT: Ah, found it.

" Nakama 'Ohana Arguably, though Lilo and Nani are blood relatives, they certainly have an unconventional little 'ohana with their alien houseguests " vifetoile: A big round of applause to Freez Air For a Limited Time, for this great edit!

Freezair For A Limited Time: Someone else added the comment about "Nakama"—I just added the strikethru and alternate name. :P