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08:28:37 PM Apr 29th 2014
Something that always struck me as funny and relevant, but I just can't think of a good trope to put it under. Pleakley's view of Earth is obtained largely from a View-Master disc. Now just think about that. He has a stereoscopic viewer, despite the fact that he only has one eye.

Can anyone please tell me if there's a trope that fits?
11:24:55 PM Apr 29th 2014
Might want to ask that in Lost and Found.
06:08:06 PM May 9th 2013
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Should Lilo and Stitch be considered a franchise? After all, it's had four movies and two TV shows.
03:18:34 PM Sep 12th 2011
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You have the timeline wrong, It goes Lilo and Stitch,Stich the movie,TV series,Leroy and stitch, then Stitch has a glitch. Stich the movie,TV series,Leroy and stitch essentialy heppen during the closeing credits of the first movie.
09:16:02 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Edit it then.
07:35:56 AM Oct 19th 2010
Really isn't The Black Cauldron the black sheep of disney animated canon? This was merely.. uh..well, a kind of blue sheep.
09:23:20 PM Oct 1st 2010
The page says the film has a "lack of a real villain". Why doesn't Captain Gantu qualify? He knows when he's captured Lilo in the same container as Stitch and implies that he thinks Stitch might eat Lilo ("I even caught you a little snack") but he leaves her in there anyway.
09:04:45 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Humans are not considered intellagent by alien standards, and he's not an expert on the planet.
01:45:31 PM Sep 13th 2010
I don't know where to post this but it is Lilo and Stitch related. Does anyone know the artist of the game music in that game Stitch: Experiment 626. To me it's clear that it is borrowed music. I've heard that game music in movie trailers, tv shows and most notably songs like Ali Project's Ankoku Psychedelic. It's borrowed or it's a free download, all I know is that it's not made by Disney ( and when you exclude it from the game it kind of sounds like adult music). Is there are artist for that or am I stuck not knowing? I've been wanting to know for years.
12:46:22 PM Jul 22nd 2010
edited by greymagick711
  • Adaptation Decay Your Mileage May Vary, but the anime adapatation, which moves Stitch to JAPAN for no apparent reason.
    • Some people see Lilo And Stitch The Series to be this.
      • Technically, everything after the first film counts as intense decay, as Disney only wants to wring every last dollar out of every move and turn them into franchises. Because of this, and the low quality of Disney's out-sourced TV series/direct-to-video trash, Stitch is always devolved into something like his former bad self, Lilo never grows up, and some reason all Lilo ever talks about is ohana, probably because it's just easier.

^^Not quite ture. Lilo and Stitch 2 was originally meant to be a theatrical release. The other two (Leroy and Stitch, Stitch! The Movie) are still count.
05:27:46 PM Jul 20th 2010
How to spell Pleakly/Pleakley...Not quite Spell My Name with an "S".
04:23:39 PM Jul 11th 2010
Removed this whole discussion:

the chant which opens the movie, although deliciously catchy and exactly the right mood, is not only a cut-and-paste of two completely different and out-of-place chants (one praising the birth of Queen Lydia Liliuokalani, the other the birth of King David Kalākaua), but the main chant itself is performed completely contrary to the way it has been passed down for over one hundred years
  • One wonders how Disney got Kamehameha Schools to sign off on their childrens' choir performing it that way.
    • Money, dear troper.
    • They probably performed it correctly and the words were later moved around in editing.
      • Well it was either that or see it performed by a chorus of children from somewhere else, who have never spoken a word of Hawaiian in their lives. Then it would have been mangled AND mispronounced.
  • Well, the whole opening sequence ends with Lilo arriving late to her hula class, at which point the background music becomes source music as Lilo joins the dance practice. If you assume that the opening music was simply the songs they are practicing to, all along, the songs suddenly make perfect sense.
    • Seen in that light, their only egregious misstep was retitling the whole mashup "He Mele No Lilo" on the soundtrack, for some reason.

First of all, too much natter. Second of all, I've concluded that what "He Mele No Lilo" is is a cover/adaptation of two different chants, put together. Either the filmmakers chose the songs for their meanings and hired an artist to do a cover, or they picked a cover done by an already-respected hula artist, so there was research along the line somewhere. It's too fuzzy now to file clearly under Did Not Do The Research.
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