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Wilted: We totally need a Very Special Episode of this.
Rothul: Added some negative-trope-punning titles to give page a little flavor. Feel free to use or not use or whatever as is seen fit.

Cassy: Man, this page is hilarious. We've got to make more of this ^^. Congrats to the [[strike tro]] dude who wrote the "edger and darkier" and "refrigerator the temporary love interest" thingies.

Rothul: Hey... this may seem a little out of nowhere, but I want to thank you for the compliment concerning my made-up episodes titles. I've been feeling a bit down, and it made me feel smiley. Thank you.

Cassy: Added my own. You can throw a bone at my face now.

Rothul: Hilarious! I slightly changed a couple of yours, as the Fan Dome/Beyond Thunderdome pun was too good to pass up.

Cassy: Glad I made you feel better, call anytime ;-)! And glad someone actually finds my stuff funny. Also, I can't believe I didn't think of "Doctor Jonas Quinn Medicine Man", very nearly made me spurt diet Coke out my nose.
Rothul: Concatenated, I must execute the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, and say that your additions to the page neither fit in with the ongoing story, nor in general fit the general whimsical and trope-poking theme of the page. By way of example:

"Johnny had seen many terrible things, over the course of the season and become insane. He no longer had any sense of morality, sympathy or empathy. He had been reduced to a job as the janitor at a high school.

He, one day, snapped and decided to take revenge and exert his power upon thestudent. He brought a knife to the school, viciously raping and killing the cheerleaders and killing the jocks who tried to stop him. Those were beautiful cheerleaders but the survivors became asexual and self destructive after feeling his wrath.

He slaughtered most of the student body in a manner very reminiscent of a horror movie killer, efficient and seemingly, unstoppable. His reign of terror came to an end, however, when the police surrounded the building and demanded his surrender. He grabbed one of the surviving cheerleaders and used her as a human shield. They slowly went outside, passing the science laboratory, where the girl picked up a scalpel. Her attacker left the building and began to make demands, until she stabbed him in the stomach."

(Copied and pasted directly)

We appreciate the contribution, but I must admit the style doesn't really fit into the AATAFOVS milieu.

  • Sorry, I thought the story was a random stream of consciousness Rule of Cool thing, rather than an ongoing story. I will be more careful.

Mjb: Hmm... I did the recap accreditation for the episodes (in fact, I spread those annoying "headers" throughout all the AATAFOVS-related episodes), and I understand that Rothul is responsible for a majority of every episode so far released. I think it should stay that way unless Rothul stops working on the series.

In other words... the series has an impressive level of continuity. The new episodes being tacked onto the end are really short, and don't really do justice to TPSOEAIMS. I think we can find a place for these creations, but would prefer that they not supplant the original creator's work. Please respond, people.

SpiriTsunami: I agree about the recent short additions being an injustice, but I must disagree about giving Rothul full control. It's a AATAFOVS show; being controlled by a number of different people is part of the game. If anyone else can come up with something as good as what Rothul's been doing, they should feel free to do so. I'd give it a shot myself, but I'm more interested in the parent show, plus there are really more important matters in my life I ought to be paying attention to. Maybe during summer vacation I'll give it a whirl.

Rothul: I concur. While I admit that yes, I've had a general plot outline in my mind from the beginning, the best aspect of the thing is that it's a group effort, and thanks to OSI, the thing took many great twists and turns (not to mention laughs... every scene with his interpretation of Tony Stroark is especially great) that it wouldn't have otherwise. Having finally gotten a little free time, I am starting work up on it again (and hope to continue to do so until I finish the initial arc I had in mind), I'd love the tag-team aspect of the prose, and this is a Just for Fun wiki. I took point on TPSOEAIMS as I wanted to work on a AATAFOVS type project, without stepping on that continuity. Still, I hope no one will mind if I Retcon some of the "shorter" episodes when I come to them (if only so I can pay off the plot set up in earlier episodes... I want to avoid The Chris Carter Effect if I can), and I hope anyone who wants to contribute will be along for the ride.
SpiriTsunami: This is turning into a veritable Title Bin. We've got the first season at a nice even 26 now, twice as long as a season of Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers, and the second season has almost as many. The parent show is only just wrapping up its third season. And considering the fact that nearly half of the live links are, as we said, too short, this means we've essentially got a lot of redlinks to work out.

Rothul: Originally, I added about 13 titles (for flavor, mostly), and came up a general episode plan for each of them (ready to be dropped as soon as another idea from anyone came along to shape the story). More and more just got added Just for Pun.