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Rebochan: I went ahead and pulled this trope since we finally found out what happened to the mouse. He's apparently not dead.

  • What Happened to the Mouse? - We still don't know what happened to Wally Winkerbean, post-Time Skip II. We've gotten one hint - we know he was in Iraq and now Becky's car has a POW sticker on it.
    • Becky placed a flag on a grave in the local cemetery on Flag Day 2009. Whether this has anything to do with Wally remains to be seen, as the next day's cartoon was about baseball.

Rebochan: I wish we had a Crankshaft page so I could properly Trope Overdose how sick Batiuk is for showing a dog getting bitten in the torso by a snake. All I can say is...does Tom Batiuk need a therapist!? Prozac? A hug!?
Azaram: I dunno enough about the comic to fix it, but this looks wrong to me.
  • Teens Are Monsters - Funky's steals Lisa's cancer charity money and it's implied it's just his latest brush with the law. Funky covers for him by replacing the money himself...while appearing as a "good guy" because he makes a grand gesture of it without telling Les where the money went. The plot has yet to be revisited.

From the second half of it, it looks like it was supposed to be 'Les steals Lisa's cancer charity money...' "Funky steals..." and "Funky covers for him..." don't really go together. But I don't read the comic so I don't know exactly how to fix it...

Rebochan Thanks, just took care of it - it was Funky's son that did the deed.