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02:35:32 PM May 19th 2010
Okay, I don't want to add anything trope-related until I know - the current storyline is dealing with Les and Susan and Kayla. Susan just offered to take the guy out to dinner for saving her life.

If I recall correctly, didn't that occasion require him saving her life because she tried to commit suicide because of his marriage to Lisa? Or am I conflating more storylines together?

I still find it creepy that Les spends so much time with her when she used to be one of his students.
05:57:04 PM Apr 30th 2010
Before I muck around with this page any further, when did Funky and Holly start dating? I've only been reading regularly since round two of Lisa's Story, so it literally came out of the blue for me about the pairings in the second time skip.

Not shockingly, it's hard to find people that have been obsessive enough about the story to help me fill in the blanks. There's also not a lot of Funky collections either.

Also, I'd like to still suggest Darrin was Put on a Bus since he still only showed up the one time. Can't believe I forgot him like that though O_O
06:36:47 PM Apr 30th 2010
It may have been more hinting at dating, since Funky was sorta/kinda mentoring Cory. There was certainly enough foreshadowing to exclude it from Strangled by the Red String status. Plus we don't know exactly how long Funky and Holly (or Becky and John for that matter) have been married. They might have dated for years in the decade we didn't see.
07:11:27 PM Apr 30th 2010
It just always seemed so forced to me - especially Becky and John and how devoted the latter was to the former when Wally came back.
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