The reply a character makes when they've been backstabbed.

A trope intended to subvert expectations becomes part of the expectations

You know that part of the song where it goes BRRRRFFFFRRMMMBBFFFBRRRRRRRRBFFF

A well-meaning parent or guardian deliberately disables or hinders a budding hero in the name of protecting him/her/it.

History is written by the Winners: The Bad Guys.

Master-re-(l)earning Vill-A-Knee)

When someone recognises the person in disguise, but doesn't know they're in disguise.

Newspaper headlines often like to get cute

The set of people likely to be in the same jail as a protagonist.

An interview is used as a setup for exposition to the audience.

The second time's the charm, and the best in the series.

Everything moves at the same speed

Someone gets a job/mission/position they don't want, which leads them to a great/terrible destiny.

Characters have no savings accounts. If they become unemployed, they're out on the streets that day.

Alice has a flaw. Bob tells her that she has this particular flaw. Alice then tries to correct this by falling over to the other side of the scale

A stressed out character starts to freak out or panic.

A logo where the silhouette of a main character is seen at least somewhere in it.

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