A character is trapped somewhere they don't want to be by the urge to clean up a mess.

When animals from different species form an unexpected alliance.

Unrequited love caused by an excess of formal responsibility

Extremely prominent lower eyelashes

When a driving character has his view blocked, he inexplicably pulls the wheel either direction

Most people think of reading books as work

This officer has the power to execute you on spot, without trial

Characters realize that a creature (or creatures) is/are travelling/living/hiding inside the walls of the building they are in.

The handyman/plumber/repairman is the bad guy.

When footage has multiple angles despite being taken from "one" camera.

Some work of fiction is well known, yet new releases of it won't sell well

A character is waving around a weapon to show how crazy they are.

Showing the passing of time by having many instances of the same person in one room

Box Cutters and Craft Knives are popular weapons for Japanese Delinquents.

The room in the Evil Lair with all the trees in it

He prefers to be alone

A game show host is determined to not let a contestant win.

A tagalong or secondary character insists on coming with the hero, or finding some way to do so against the hero's wishes.

A Professor has a select few favourite students who get invited to parties at his house / get special attention or meetings

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