Clones can be produced in no time flat.

A show incorporates needlessly expensive things just to piss off the executives.


When a gratuitous sex scene is rudely interrupted by the protagonist's attempt to capture/beat up the villain.

A relationship is broken up to allow for new plotlines.

A character in a same-sex relationship insists they and their partner have nothing in common with other LGBT folk

An elegant character carries around a fan.

Epic and dramatic poetry is not shown/mentioned.

Pointing out weird quirks in a character's appearance.

Looking cool while wearing a visor

Serial killers, monsters and other things seem to have a thing for the Fall.

A powerful evil not affiliated with the Big Bad

A code of honor for hunters

Often silk or lace (or possibly anything) in the way of the camera during a love scene, in an artsy/vintage style.

Health and ammo packs are Lost Forever when used regardless of whether there should be leftovers.

Characters spend time to research their actions

A being that claims he/she/it is everything - that is, its existence encompasses everything, including you

A singer in a band who doesn't play an instrument but doesn't sing all the lead vocals.

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