A good hearted but abrasvie person befriends someone who softens their edges.

when two chracters dance without music for x or y reason

The way a character talks after being hit hard on the head

A planet, often depicted as of the Single Biome Variety, dedicated to agriculture.

The Superiority of Canada in Regards to a Refuge in a Zombie Outbreak or Other Global Crisis

The good bits won't work in another medium

"I am Beethoven--the great pianist" "*gasp*!"

Foreshadowing something everyone should know.

Badly written exposition dialogue that gives a lot of unnecessary extra information

A store's name tells you exactly what they sell.

A group of people all scream at once.

Side game where you race monsters for rewards.

When one character states a quantity, and is quickly corrected by another.

Areas in a video game are one screen size, instead of scrolling.

Don't Tell Teacher

Any RPG, Quest, or Exploration game where you can move around in first person.

When a character starts tearing up during sex

Superpowers at a price: you become a monster if you're not very careful

A character is so annoying or unattractive that s/he makes his/her heterosexual partners gay.

The protagonist dislikes their situation, but never actually attempts to fix it.

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