The hero is now on the opposite side to his former friend, but still chats like old times.

Auctions are always straight-forward and vanilla, with no reserve prices or chandelier bids involved

After bypassing a long stretch of boring goings-on with a Time Skip, the characters are dissheveled.

Our astronauts are guaranteed fresh

Night time city scenes are often filmed after rain.

When Jungle Drums drive you wild

Skiing trips always end horribly.

The names of a famous double act are always said in the same order, never the other way round.

The British Student Council President, and more prevalent in fiction.

Characters from exotic cultures pepper their speech with metaphors and similes related to nature

The insistence that things will proceed as scheduled, despite acknowledging the disaster to come.

Awesome opening credits

When a road trip is initiated by, has throughout, or ends with the aquisition of magic, or perhaps all three.

A character sacrifices themselves solely to dick with the others.

A character stops to sign a broadcast release.

When decent human beings are a minority.

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