Using a pronoun which is too formal or informal for the situation.

Large group of people chants the slogan at the end of a cheaply-made commercial.

After a swarm of cynicism idealism prevails.

The waiter or waitress comes just in time for you to avoid a sticky subject.

Someone hires an unqualified person to do a job, expecting failure. Usually resulting with the hired succeeding.

Events of a story unfold in a near real time setting

The show can't go on until the Studio Audience shuts up.

Where the conquerors or masters raise a child or children of a subjugated people.

A mecha assumes a specific position when not being used.

How did the editor know the world would be ending in time to print?

When a whole genre is known for a single work by displacement

Messed up romance, that still works

He's Dead! Oh My God! Oh, he's not... Meh...

That isn't your face in the mirror...

Characters discover that the media makes us all feel fat.

Another character seems from their role to represent the unexpressed thoughts of another character.

When a character's leitmotif repeatedly chants the character's name.

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