Reviews: Xiaolin Showdown

My favourite show from my childhood

I was very gutted when this show eventually finished and left my life forever. It was one of my favourite shows on Cartoon Network as a child, and I'll remember it fondly.

I loved that the show balanced on action and humour. I'm not up for TV shows that only focus on one genre because I find it rather boring, so it was good to see a show that would make me laugh and make me root for the protagonists at the same time.

There wasn't a single character I didn't like in this series. Even though Omi's characterisation change annoyed me a little to the point of making me want to smack him at certain points, I even rooted for the villains as well as the heroes. They were all very interesting people to watch on my television and at least they weren't one-joke characters, because that's not interesting at all (even though there are some cases where it works, but it's rare).

I don't have a favourite episode of all-time because there's too many to count. I do like how the show eventually ended, even though it upset me a lot, because it ended on a sort of open ending, even though I believe that the four Xiaolin Dragons went on to join the other heroes of the world to rid the planet of evil — just the way an eight-year-old would want it to be.

It's a shame that it's no more — it was probably one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network at the time too. But I am glad that it ended when it did before the plot-lines went into Jumping the Shark territory, and I'm sure that the other fans agree with that too. The other two seasons should be released on DVD, methinks.