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Nonstop laughter
I don't remember being in a theater audience that didn't completely stop laughing the whole way through a movie! ... I may also have been laughing all the way through, but the noise from the laughter and the movie made it hard to tell! You know when you're stuck seeing a kiddy film and all the children around you can't stop laughing because children are easily amused? Imagine that, but with ADULTS! That's never happened to me before. It's this sense of community I previously never thought was possible to feel in a movie theater with strangers, where for a moment, we all shared the same feeling.

For those of you worried that you would need to see every single Simpsons episode ever made before seeing this movie in order to understand it.... do not worry. The 18-or-so writers (various staff members from the show rotated in and out of this screenplay for the good part of 18 years) make it both an introduction to the show as well as a welcome return for those fans who may have stopped watching it. It's almost as funny as one of the best early Simpsons episodes, if not as good. There are in-jokes, about a hundred recurring characters with lines, and references in the town of Springfield that you'd only get if you did see the show, but they do not get in the way of the central plot.

The one negative thing I can say is that it's a teeny bit on the short side, which wouldn't be as big a problem if we hadn't waited almost 2 decades for a movie of this show to be released! There is said to be enough deleted scenes to fill up a whole other movie!

Bottom line: if you have a general idea of the kind of humor The Simpsons brings, you can handle this movie. Catch it, and laugh until your sides hurt!
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Awesome movie is awesome
I saw the movie with my dad and my cousin back when it first came out, and I didn't know quite what to expect. I came away very impressed.

The movie manages to blend a serious plot and character development with classic Simpsons humor; while you know you're definitely not watching a typical episode of the series, it doesn't feel like something completely different. The most impressive part is how they actually treated Jerk Ass Homer seriously, and made him realize he needed to change. And Maggie gets one hell of an Awesome Moment.

The extended opening and the closing sequences were great, too. This film had a great soundtrack overall, especially "Spider-Pig" and "Springfield doesn't have an anthem".
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