Reviews: The Octonauts

A good series

It's quite hard to see a good children's television series on this days, and most of them are annoying, dumb and patronizing. Fortunately, this is not the case of The Octonauts, which is a cute and enjoyable show, that not only has a cast of adorable (but non-annoying, or stupid) characters, but also a good stories:

At first it seems like all the episodes follow the same pattern (The Octonauts meet some marine animal with a problem, the Octonauts bring their help, the problem is solved, and then they sing " creature report", a song that recaps the events of the episode) just like Phineas And Ferb, this show manages to keep fresh and interesting, avoiding most of the annoying clichés from modern kid's shows (Such as toilet humor, cheap cultural references, lame puns and stupid characters who keep saying stupid things)

The animation is simple, but good: The designs are appealing, the use of colors is good, fitting very well to the light-hearted and gentle atmosphere of the series.

Even if "The Octonauts" isn't the best cartoon ever made, personally I found it to be quite enjoyable to watch.