Reviews: Pound Puppies 2010

"Lucky Moves Away"... oh, wait, no, he doesn't.

I spent quite a bit of time defending both Lucky from charges of being a Canon Sue (he isn't; he has his flaws, though to be fair, they weren't made obvious immediately) and the show as being an inferior counterpart to both My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Recess (which it is, but not to the extent many others think). I still think the show as a whole was quite good, and with a little more care and a bit more love — either of these could read "more Paul and Joe", as they shine at both — could have been a classic.

The only excuse for the asinine plot of the third season (and likely series) finale "Lucky Moves Away" is writer indifference.

To wit: The father of Lucky's human, Dot, has been given a promotion, which means his family has to move to Miami. Because of the move, Lucky would be forced to leave not only his team, but the entire Pound Puppies organization. Much of the questionable plot is laid out here, but regardless of the Pound Puppies inability/unwillingness to accommodate arguably their best agent (or any agent whose family moves, apparently), Lucky and his team's means of solving this debacle is to convince Dot she doesn't want to move and to help them sabotage her father's promotion. (Why would Dot want a bigger house and more room and toys to play with when she could stay right where she is?)

As irksome of a plot as it was to that point, it would have been somewhat excusable if everything went back to the status quo. But it didn't. Dot's parents had already sold their house, but — guess what? — Dot's father's boss ended up appreciating the father's loyalty to his family so much that he got a promotion in town and a company home... located right next to Shelter 17.

My frustration comes from the fact the writers were notably good (though not perfect) with details and continuity in most of the episodes, but the series will likely end on piles of contrived garbage that would even raise the eyebrows of the show's target audience and annoyed a loyal fan like me enough to think if that's all they have left, I'm not sure I want the show to return.