Reviews: Planes

Easy to swallow, competently made, but cliche and forgettable

This movie is the kind of movie that you might want to watch when you just want some mindless entertainment to let the time pass by. It's like eating a bag of chips: it grabs your attention and keeps you entertained for a while, but a few hours later you won't even remember that you ate anything.

The story is as simple and cliche as it gets: there's an underdog who wants to show what he's worth, so he joins a race, and even though there are various obstacles on his way, he ultimately wins. The characters are forgettable, the situations are forgettable, the places are forgettable... shortly saying, you aren't going to remember much details about this movie unless you'll really really try.

The movie is competently made though, in the same sense a teacup can be competently made - it does its job, even though there are no fireworks about it. The story is easy to follow, you get interested in the chain of events, the characters are likable and there are no notable bumps in how the movie goes from point A to point B.

In the end, the movie will be hated by people who look critically at stuff and can't stand things being cliche and/or forgettable. But if you're like me, and are fairly easy-going even about not particularly great movies, then this one is excellent when you just want to kill some time and let your brain relax.