Reviews: Phineas And Ferb Mission Marvel

Worst Episode in the Series

I really don't like this episode. They completely ignored the usual characterization of Phineas and Buford just to make you sympathize with Candace and Isabella. Phineas gets mad at Candace, and, unlike in other episodes, context does not justify it. Buford acts in a condescendingly sexist way towards Isabella. While this would make sense for early to mid season one Buford, by this point he has come to admire, respect, and possibly mildly fear Isabella. Approximately five seconds go against all of Buford's character development across four seasons. Additionally, Candace is a blatant moron in this, and comes across as extremely annoying. It is hard to sympathize with her, because she knows nothing about what she is doing. Meanwhile, it's hard to sympathize with Isabella because her song with Candace wants us to think that she was condescended upon throughout the episode, when the viewer only saw one instance of it. Finally, the way the inator works is really stupid. How does it drain Thor's worthiness? How does it turn off Iron Man's suit, and why didn't Stark create a way to get out of it in case it shut off? Why doesn't Hulk turn back into Banner? Even if the inator can drain electricity, why can't Spider-Man use his web-shooters, which are a result of simple, non-electronic mechanics? The only things I like about this episode are the humor and the fight scenes. Other than that, this is one of just two episodes I flat-out dislike (the other being Act Your Age).

From a fan of both

I enjoy Phineas and Ferb and I enjoy Marvel Superheroes,so I'll give my opinion from both point:

As a Phineas and Ferb fan,it's great:it keeps the lovable comedic formula and integrates the outside elements pretty well:the interactions between the two groups of good guys is nice,Doof is hylariously out of place between the supervillains and the actions is good.

From a Marvel standpoint is...a little more complicated:the characterization of the heroes is basic but right,but the supervillains,I won't lie,it kind of hurt to see the Red Skull Poke The Poodle:MODOK and Venom were probably the less unnatural,here.The Shout Out to Avengers were nice,but they come off as too cartoonish.

Sooo...I'll give it a 7.5/10.If you like Phineas and Ferb I'd reccomand this.If you like Marvel and don't take it too seriously,it can be a great Guilty Pleasure.