Reviews: Mission Hill

A Gem

Mission Hill was not long for the world. Through its birth, life and untimely death, it went generally unheralded and garnered low ratings on a network it didn't fit with. In that respect, Mission Hill is no different from a slew of other animated shows that met early demises.

But if that was the extent of it, I wouldn't be writing this. Having seen the show's reruns on Adult Swim, I thought it was not only one of the funniest cartoons I'd ever seen, but the characters were fascinating and the animation was especially one of my favorite things about the show. The bright colors contrasted a lot of the cynicism that went into this show. It also has a quintessential 90s sensibility. Young Gen X-ers, finding their way in the world. Do they sell out to the system they raged against in their youth, or do they stick to their principles of doing things their own way. The lead character himself is tormented by a life that has begun to pass him by while he was busy adhering to his starving artist/slacker principles.

The death of this show should be mourned. It was clever, bright and in the end, funny. Sometimes the stars don't align the way they should and a gem like this is an example of it.