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Just another old cartoon
Have you seen first TMTN cartoon, Street Fighter, Transfomers gen 1 or any other 80's cartoon? Then you pretty much know what to expect. Sure, it was made in 90's not 80's, but everything is pretty much the same. Cliche storm, some absurd plots, cheesy villain (with funny voice) and his incompetent minions, unintentionally funny scenes, puns you name it. This show has really nothing interesting to offer, even if you're Megaman fan. It's worth a laugh for how silly it is, but nothing more. Ninja Turtles for example had some more colorful characters (like April) and from time to time more clever jokes. This show didn't. Most original plots were just really bizarre ones. The only merit this show has is animation, that SOMETIMES can look pretty cool, almost anime like. Check this show's intro, it's really good. But no, episodes usually don't look as good.
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