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Man of Action...Too Soon!

After their successful Ben10 was signed over to another production team, the four-man crew that is Man of Action started planning and producing a new series: Generator Rex. This is a show with several interesting concepts and characters, and a whole lot of potential. Unfortunately, alot of it has thusfar been sadly wasted. Why, you ask? Two Words: Bad Pacing.

Man of Action initially got a 20 episode order for the show, and there was no guarantee that they'd be picked up for any more episodes. Apparently, Generator Rex is a story they really wanted to tell, and tell it they do. But this is the problem: the story moves too fast. Events that should happen at a later point happen too soon. We're hardly given time to breathe and take everything in before we're rushing to the next important event.

The first episode does what's expected of it and introduces the story, heroes, and villains. Now, the second episode is all right. But then comes the third, in which Rex meets his love interest, Circe...who is revealed to be a part of The Pack in that same episode. Come on, even Terra from Teen Titans had more time to get trusted and betray her lover! Then in the fourth episode, Rex learns that his friend Noah is actually a spy hired by Providence. Yeah, three episodes since Noah's debut and already we get this. Rex then runs away from Providence...only to return in the very next episode.

We thankfully get a breather episode afterward, but THEN we get one in which Van Kleiss launches a big invasion on New York City, teasing Rex about the secrets of his past all the while. The next episode centers around the previously underutilized Breach...who dies at the end of it. The final episode to air thusfar has Rex meet one of the main scientists responsible for creating Evas, reveals that Van Kleiss had a hand in it as well, and also reveals that Rex has a brother somewhere out there.

You see the problem? Imagine if the creators of Avatar The Last Airbender rushed to tell their whole 3-season story in just one 20-episode season! Would it have been as satisfying? The answer: No. Generator Rex isn't a bad show at all, but it would have been so much better if the story and it's major points were spread out over a longer period of episodes, giving the audience more time to care.

Rex grew beyond all expectations

Right from get go, Generator Rex shows off a lot of promise as a series aimed at young teens with its lively setting, incredible characters and its surprisingly mature themes. Despite its episodic format, the series does a very good job in establishing an overarching plot and building up its characters and world. It takes a while but once Rex starts growing up and takes his job a bit more seriously, the storytelling also stops feeling so obnoxious and begins to spread the focus more evenly between the themes and characters instead of just keeping Rex in the spotlight all the time. Don't get me wrong though, Rex himself is a joy to watch but only really after he starts getting over his rebellious phase. By the end of the second season you'd be amazed to see how far he's come as a character and how ballsy the creators can be with the major plotline.

This show does lack the epic myth arc elements that gave Avatar its charm and its lighthearted exterior can lead people into thinking it's just another Ben 10 spruced up for the kids that grew up with it so the show doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. It's a real shame too since the series not only has a great mix of light and serious moments but it can bring out some really amazing scenes whether they're of the ridiculous, dark or even poignant variety. The music and animation work are top notch too and the fight scenes are some of the best in western animation.

I highly recommend Generator Rex regardless of what its target demographic may be since I myself have never not enjoyed an episode of it. It certainly has its ups and downs but the ups overwhelm the downs in both quantity and quality. This series will definitely surprise you if you give it a chance so go ahead and add another great series to your watch list.

A Pleasant Surprise

When I first saw the previews for this show, I was a tad unimpressed. Then I watched it.

I like being wrong.

The story hits the ground running with solid characters, a mystery that keeps the audience guessing, and a serious edge to the show that provides more than a breath of fresh air. The story's pacing, while wobbly at first as it moved to introduce characters and plot, soon found itself on solid ground. It's engaging, it's mysterious, and it's not afraid to add it's own brand of snarky humor to the table.

The characters may be what I like most about this show. Each incredibly different, with their own quirks and flaws that make them stand out of the fray, and with each episode the audience can find themselves connect more and more with certain charterers. Not to say that it didn't have its flaws. Some charterers can be downright gone for several episodes, and when they suddenly pop back in, it can be difficult to reconnect with them.

You know, until the show does its thing.

But what really impresses me is the second half of the first season as we explore not only the mystery surrounding Rex and the fateful Event, but dive into the motivations of other characters. We see a world on the brink of extinction and see people fighting to save it in their own way. And it's told in such a way that makes the characters feel more real, more solid, than before. There's a depth to them that's hard to find, and to me, that's a gem for a show.

Would I recommend Generator Rex? In a heartbeat. It's one roaring ride and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. As long as you don't mind the snark talking monkey in the back.

The true successor to Ben 10!

While it's no secret that the Ben 10 series became a serious case of Your Mileage May Vary with Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the original creators have presented us fans with the show we rightfully deserved all along.

Based off a short lived comic, Generator Rex is a dark and edgy series about volatile nanomachines called "Nanites" that are spread across the globe during an incident simply refered to as "The event". Everything from humans, animals, and even the earth itself are infested, meaning that anything is at risk at mutating into monstrous creatures called EVOS.

The show may seem like a hip attempt to cater to the tween/teen demographic, with lots of punk rock style music, the show itself is actually quite interesting and offers something for everyone, even those who normally wouldn't be watching cartoons anymore.

Rex is portrayed as sometimes hotheaded, even selfish at times. But despite his normal, teenaged antics, he is actually a very likeable character, if anything the kind of Ben fans of the Ben 10 series had really wanted. His pigheaded and stubborness is probably one of his strongest traits, as it lends to unwavering loyalty to those he cares about.

Every episode is jam packed with action and nice insight into Rex as a character, showing him adjusting to his life as an EVO stopping weapon.

Move over, Avatar, Cartoon Network may finally have it's new hero.
  • zam
  • 11th Sep 10
  • 10

Great show with even greater potential.

From the creators of Ben 10 one of my favorite shows in recent years comes what may be an even better one Generator Rex.

The main character Rex is the world's main weapon in fighting E.V.Os who are people and everything else suffering from mutations after an "nanite event". He is pretty like able but is noticeable dark in some aspects having amnesia and wanting to kill the Villain in the very first episode but still is a good guy which is an interesting development.

Most of the other characters are pretty awesome especially Agent Six Rex's father figure and handler who while stoic you can still tell he cares for our hero,and his monkey sidekick Bobo Ha Ha all in all I suggest you watch the show and enjoy, but it does have some minor flaws moving a bit fast with certain plot threads and apparently wanting to surprise us with how certain plot threads are done.

The main antagonist Van Kleiss is certainly dark yet his interactions with the character are only interesting because he seems to know his back story yet he doesn't seem like a good foil aside from being older and polite in his manner of evil, his powers however being nature based are an interesting contrast to Rex's mechanical powers and he also has the Heroes' Love interest Circe as a minion with a lot of baggage so we'll see where the show ends up. I recommend it for anyone looking for a series that takes it's self seriously.