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Reviews Comments: The true successor to Ben 10! Generator Rex whole series review by Orpheum Zero

While it's no secret that the Ben 10 series became a serious case of Your Mileage May Vary with Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the original creators have presented us fans with the show we rightfully deserved all along.

Based off a short lived comic, Generator Rex is a dark and edgy series about volatile nanomachines called "Nanites" that are spread across the globe during an incident simply refered to as "The event". Everything from humans, animals, and even the earth itself are infested, meaning that anything is at risk at mutating into monstrous creatures called EVOS.

The show may seem like a hip attempt to cater to the tween/teen demographic, with lots of punk rock style music, the show itself is actually quite interesting and offers something for everyone, even those who normally wouldn't be watching cartoons anymore.

Rex is portrayed as sometimes hotheaded, even selfish at times. But despite his normal, teenaged antics, he is actually a very likeable character, if anything the kind of Ben fans of the Ben 10 series had really wanted. His pigheaded and stubborness is probably one of his strongest traits, as it lends to unwavering loyalty to those he cares about.

Every episode is jam packed with action and nice insight into Rex as a character, showing him adjusting to his life as an EVO stopping weapon.

Move over, Avatar, Cartoon Network may finally have it's new hero.


  • Quirk
  • 25th Sep 10
This is less of a review and more just a basic premise/plot summary, with a few added adjectives. You're just repeating what's in the show instead of what works and what doesn't work, and your own opinion on the matter.

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