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Seriously Underrated
Brickleberry really gets way more hate than it deserves. It fills roughly the same entertainment niche as Drawn Together did, with the added benefit of actually making the characters somewhat likeable. Also, unlike Drawn Together, its crass, filthy comedy isnt its only appeal, the writers have shown that they're perfectly capable of writing stories that dont need depravity or grossout humor, they can get comedy from the characters themselves as well. Mind you, this show isnt perfect by any means, some jokes come close to Dude Not Funny territory, but overall, I'd say this show is definetly worth watching. And if you like black comedy, this show has a few good chuckles.

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One of the worst cartoons ever made
Sweet Lord, this have to be one of the worst cartoons that Iīve seen in my entire life.

Somehow, "Brickleberry" managed to be even worse than "Crash Canyon". And like "Crash Canyon" this is just another lame "Family Guy" wannabe.

Everything about this show is terrible. The animation is awful beyond belief, with hideous designs that made the art from the Seth Mac Farlane cartoons look beautiful in comparison.

All the characters from this show are either unlikeable jerks or annoying stereotypes. And the jokes...I donīt have any problem with offensive humor. Too bad that this show is painfully unfunny, and all the attempts to be "controversial" and "edgy" came out as forced and dumb.

This show FAILS to be funny. I saw a few episodes and they were not funny.

Brickleberry is a complete waste of time, money and computer work.

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Underrated, overhated, however you wanna say it
I gotta tell you, Brickleberry is a pretty funny show with a few flaws. The animation quality isn't very high: it's good enough, but stiff, and now that I think about it, those eyebrows look awful. But it could be worse, I suppose. The voice acting is fairly solid, I will say. Tosh could be slightly better, I guess. This is something that's gonna make me sound really juvenile, but I love this show's sense of humor. It's very, very vulgar, crass, and ultimately...I dunno, simplistic? Unsophisticated? Whatever the word is, Brickleberry's crude sense of humor is really, really funny sometimes, and at the very least garners a chuckle just about every other time. The plots are kind of lame sometimes, but they do an alright job of supporting the jokes.

That review was only a single paragraph, but I might as well summarize it anyway. The animation is slightly stiff, but okay. The plots are kinda lame, but adequate. The jokes are funny, if occasionally predictable. To do the generalized number rating thing, I give Brickleberry a 5/7. I don't watch this show all the time, but I'll occasionally watch it if it's on, and when I do, I always have a laugh. There are some flaws here and there, but I suppose it's good enough.
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