Reviews: Bee Movie

Z Movie - Seinfeld and his Friends Cash In

I only went to see this because one of my friends dragged me to it. I'm not a huge movie fan, and there is no guarantee that a Dreamworks movie is going to be worth seeing, so I usually wait for the reviews. This film is an example of one of the reasons why I do this.

Being a Biology Major, I had a bad feeling from the initial introduction of the move. I know they were trying to make it appeal to kids, but anyone who's made it past the third grade understands that all worker bees are female with an egg laying queen and some male drones. The whole story feels like Jerry Seinfeld wrote his own coming of age tale, shoehorned in some talking animals, pop culture references and lame attempts at jokes, then slapped in some cop out feel good moments to address some of the obvious Fridge Logic. The CGI was at typical Dreamworks level, that is to say pretty good, but the bees look far more cartoony than the human characters and it just doesn't work for me.

There were a few moments that did amuse me. Chris Rock as the mosquito and the bit with the windshield ride made me chuckle a bit, I might have been able to tolerate this if he had been given a bigger role. I can empathize with the whole basic message of how graduation is only the start of your life, there's no plan or right way and only you can find your own way to improve the world around you. But the point where Seinfeld's character starts talking to the lady, falls in love with her and sues humanity was the final Wallbanger and from then on I alternated between falling asleep and praying for the horrible demise of Seinfeld (or at least his career).

To summarize: If you are over 12, have an IQ above 95 and know anything at all about bees or civil law, then do not waste your time. There is nothing clever, original or memorable about this film, but you might like it if you're a hardcore Seinfeld fan and think he's the greatest comedian ever.