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I've been addicted to this page for some time and decided to start doing some edits.

I would consider myself to be a Deadpan Snarker about 90% of the time. But if you were to ask people in my life about my classification, most would put it somewhere between Brilliant but Lazy and Cloud Cuckoolander.

You wanna know more about me? Well, let's see, Biology Major, I work full time, have my own apartment, and own my car. I also love cooking. And yaoi. As well as scuba diving, kickboxing, and drinking a nice cold cocktail. I've often noticed that since I have a very common first name, whenever I'm with a group of people and someone has the same first name, they get the first name and I get known by the first syllable of my weird last name, it's kind of my pet peeve.

I have experienced the following tropes, so for me they are Truth in Television:

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Stuff which I currently enjoy/have enjoyed immensely in the past: