Reviews: The Gamer

Has Some Pretty Glaring Flaws

As someone who grew up playing video-games, a series titled The Gamer was practically calling out to me. Sure enough, I was caught up in the hype, because the first 40 or so chapters is just loaded with gaming references from level grinding, skill/item gathering, and such that I was sure this was going to be an incredible series. However, as that initial hype wore down, I started seeing the major issues that plague this series. I still enjoy keeping up with the recent chapters, but these problems are quite clear.

1) The pacing is slow. Like really, REALLY slow. As much as I liked those first 40 chapters, it, for the most part, was nothing but level grinding, and world-building explanations. Afterwards, the pacing is hit with a different problem, which gets to...

2) There's way too much exposition. So much so, that you'll eventually start feeling like you're in History 101 learning about Korea's backstory. And like the first example, there's way too much world-building exposition thrown at ya throughout the series. As a result, it takes forever to actually get places.

3) The fight sequences are incredibly lackluster. For a series that basically follows around a guy with the powers of a RPG character, you'd think that the illustrations surrounding the combat would be one of the things the makers would get right... Get ready to watch the main character spam Infinite Spinning Mana Arrows later on, because it becomes quite apparent as time goes on that the people who make the Gamer don't know how to illustrate creative and intense battles.