Reviews: Juathuur

One Way = Many Many Ways

Juathuur: One Way or Another is a completed webcomic that you can read right here, right now, with an ongoing sequel/second part. It holds a soft place in my heart as one of my first completed webcomics and one of the first that I completely absolutely fell in love with.

The principle idea I take away from Juathuur is that everyones got their own goal in life and whilst people are often on the same time, it doesn't mean they're in complete agreement. And in a world where individuals have a lot of personal power, an inequality causes an incident which becomes and suddenly the sky is falling in.

Faevv is a young girl who was forced to live on an island by the will of her dead(?) father to give her a detachment from the Juathuur, a group of magic users he belonged to. She reenters their world, finally getting away from the island that trapped her for most of her life and quickly becomes embroiled in the politics of the world has multiple factions vye for controls and assassinations murders, power plays appear and become more and more involved. I want to describe more of it, there are interesting questions to ask about every person, is Juarr apathetic? If you have the power to keep the peace through harsh actions, is it right? But there are so many reveals and twists and turns that almost any description spoils the experience

Juathuur is complex. Every character have their own personality, relationships, motivation and circumstances but it's multifaceted as well. The amount and complexity of characters can be a bit of a hindrance at the start. The art is good, but not quite good enough to accommodate just how many unique characters there are. The comic loses out a little bit from not being read as updates, every page reveals so much it deserves consideration. Some information about an old war is withheld till later on, but given that it contributes to everything, I think it should have been placed at the start and just the roles within it be revealed slowly.

But then when it comes together at the end, boy does it come together. And by the end, I mean the last 400 pages of non-stop climax, intrigue, reveal and out and out action. Everything unites perfectly, grudges are paid of, we see another side of people, history is shown. This is just a fantastic experience and worth the difficult start.