Reviews: Electric Retard

Clearly Not For All

Yes, Electric Retard is in poor taste. Nobody would argue that, not even the creator who proudly and openly admits it. That would be the key argument of my defense (yes, you read that right) of the comic. Even the most tasteless of jokes is still a joke. In this case, Electric Retard can be placed in the same category of Anal Cunt and Pink Flamingoes: A pure, unfiltered assault on good taste, artistic value, and all that is regarded as acceptable, while still being a joke. Anyone who reads the comic would know that yes, this is legitimately a joke. The comic crosses the line with such gusto and bravado that I couldn't help but laugh. That's the point of the joke- the audacity and boldness with which it offends. It not only crosses the line, it crosses the line more times than I could count, rapes it, lights it on fire, then rapes it again before mutilating it with a chainsaw. Yes, it's terrible. But it's supposed to be. And yes, there could be, to put it crudely, "shit appreciators" who enjoy something ugly in every regard. There are people who enjoy this sort of thing. And for them, this is more than anything they want. This non-stop barrage of rape, gore, pedophilia and racism obviously isn't for everyone. But it is for someone, and that's important to remember.

Too Atrocious To Be Offensive.

Encyclopedia Dramatica once claimed that the shock site Goatse had more value than this small, relatively short comic.

They weren't kidding.

Before I review this filth, I am fully aware that there are things on the internet that go for shock value for humor. Sometimes, these things suceed and are entertaining (like with Cyanide And Happiness). Other things just exist just for the sake of shocking and producing "lulz" from the reactions, like the aforementioned wiki. This tries to go for both things, and guess what? It fails to do either.

The drawings are in MS Paint. Several things online have used MS Paint, and sometimes it works (like with Dinosaur Comics or Troll Science). This isn't the case, as you might imagine. The creator instead opts to crudely draw gore and nudity into his comic as means for punchlines. Sex and violence can be funny in their own right, but with this they're used only to be unfunny and sick. Perez Hilton has made pictures of more value than this.

The writing is pitiful. It tries to create shock but is just stupid instead. One episode features some homeless guy having a discussion with a demon and an angel above his shoulders. This being a comic of poor taste, both tell him he should kill himself with a chainsaw. He goes to a store and asks a clerk about where they are. The punch line is when the clerk has a gigantic erection and skullfucks the man. Get it? In Electric Retard land, this sort of stuff is considered to be "funny" and "offensive". It isn't. It's just stupid and vulgar without being remotely interesting. Another rip-roaring strip has a man telling it like it is about the comic, only for a gigantic Hitler to kill the reviewer with Nazi semen. What's the joke here? "Anyone who hates this comic can drink Hitler jizz?" Utterly pointless. Don't even get me started on author's racism and pedophillia.

Don't waste your time reading this. It's not even worth looking at for the sake of seeing how bad it is. Just don't; there's nothing to see here. Instead, go play Free Rice or do something that will make you have a sense of accomplishment. The author even says you should "achieve your true potential" instead of reading his stuff on the FAQ page. If you do decide to read it, then it's your loss.

If you'll excuse me, I need about twelve showers.

What the hell.

I am by no means a sensitive person. I enjoy pornography as much as the next man. I watch schlocky gore movies that are banned in Australia. I get my kicks stomping corpses in Dead Space. But Electric Retard is unspeakably vile. It's not that I'm offended, because the whole endeavor is beyond the concept of offense. It's obvious that this shit comic was made to offend just about everybody. Now, if that were all it did, I would be fine. Shock value has its place as a legitimate form of art, in my opinion. The thing is, this isn't shock value. The person writing and drawing this piece of crap is a racist pedophile. For him, this is arousing. I know, it's hard to know something like that for sure, but if you doubt, read the comic.

I apologize if this review isn't very elegant, it's quite late. I just haven't been so disappointed in the internet in a long time. The only cure for this shit is a mixer of Hark a Vagrant, Three Word Phrase, and a hell of a lot of gin.

Also, fucker cannot spell for shit.