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Reviews Comments: What the hell. Electric Retard whole series review by Brotha Soul

I am by no means a sensitive person. I enjoy pornography as much as the next man. I watch schlocky gore movies that are banned in Australia. I get my kicks stomping corpses in Dead Space. But Electric Retard is unspeakably vile. It's not that I'm offended, because the whole endeavor is beyond the concept of offense. It's obvious that this shit comic was made to offend just about everybody. Now, if that were all it did, I would be fine. Shock value has its place as a legitimate form of art, in my opinion. The thing is, this isn't shock value. The person writing and drawing this piece of crap is a racist pedophile. For him, this is arousing. I know, it's hard to know something like that for sure, but if you doubt, read the comic.

I apologize if this review isn't very elegant, it's quite late. I just haven't been so disappointed in the internet in a long time. The only cure for this shit is a mixer of Hark a Vagrant, Three Word Phrase, and a hell of a lot of gin.

Also, fucker cannot spell for shit.


  • DrSivana
  • 17th Feb 11
Part of me hates you......Why? Because I'd never heard of this horrible waste of bandwidth before, now having heard of it, and having nothing better to Do (A terrible Combination) I actually attempted to READ Electric Retard.....

I should have realized something was wrong when it's works page didn't have a link....I should have been frightened off by your concise, though correct review.....but alas I was not.

Electric Retard is like SMBC, if done by a drunken hobo, but without the subtlety. Like PBF, done by someone with no concept of "humor" beyond "Gore is funny". In short....if one could view Electric Retard or use a cheese grater on thier reccommendation is the latter.
  • 17th Feb 11
Hi my porn is better than yours.
  • koreandrunkhobo
  • 25th Mar 11
Why would you compare Electric Retard to PBF?
  • blacha
  • 26th Apr 11
Electric Retard isn't at all like scary movies or games that use shock value as a way to entertain. The sole purpose of the comic IS to offend, not entertain. And as much as possible, by any means necessary, and it does a pretty good job at that.

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