Reviews: TV Trash

Imagine if the Nostalgia Critic and AVGN had no charisma and that's what you get

Annoying, rarely makes any good points (mostly just mindless nitpicking without making a valid criticism) and a terrible actor. The Rowdy Reviewer is someone nobody should have to sit through, unless they want to be begging to have their ear drums removed. Pretty much the entire review consist of making stupid faces, making sounds far more annoying than any normal human can make, and making plain unfunny jokes.

I personally find him underrated.

First off, I will start with some of the faults of the show. The jokes sometimes need improvement, Moore seems to play it safe most of the time (taking risks can sometimes be good), the special effects and acting are pretty weak (although I will excuse the effects for having a low budget), the show seems to be a bit cliche of other review shows (although many other review shows also have a tendency to Follow The Leader), and it sometimes come off as a bit hypocritical (he makes several lowblows to football, yet criticizes shows when they make preachy statements).

However, the show itself is underrated, and there are several good points. I don't hate Moore's voice; in fact, it gives off more of a snarky aura to the shows which he is riffing. He makes several good points (his "Not All Dogs go to Heaven" review, "The Groovenians", ect.). He actually gives good examples of TV Shows which do not have the faults of the shows he is reviewing. He does actual research (I'm looking at you, The Irate Gamer). He knows when to make fun of himself without going over the line (I actually feel sorry for the character). And, most of all, it gives a look at some very rare TV shows, most of them bad.

Overall, I certainly would not bring this to the level of The Nostalgia Critic, but at best, it's entertaining, and at worst, it's a decent 15 minute look at a bad episode/tv series. I actually wish he would get more notice, as at least he seems committed. I also wish he would try and develop his own style.

Score: 7/10.