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  • Buck
  • 17th Jun 17
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Smosh Review

When I was younger I did enjoy watching Smosh videos and I did enjoy watching the behind the scenes, gaming channel and the second channel but I lost interest when I grew up but the introduction of the Smosh squad didn't really help.

I didn't have a grudge against them it just wasn't for me and when I watched Antony's announcement video. Everything clicked into place for me because this was no longer Antony's channel, it turned into a kids TV show with younger token characters and fan service. For example, Mari had a show where she would talk about fan-work on the Smosh website, but she was replaced by a pair of younger women who wear pyjama shorts and dance on stage.

The brand also had sponsorship with the members shamelessly promoting content, naming shows after trends and even calling one of their shows "Cell Outs". It's hard to explain, watch the "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" video on Film theory then you'll have a better understanding of my point. I might just be projecting a bit. The Smosh workers do look like they are friends and I might have become bitter with age.

If I had to recommend their videos, I suggest watching their older sketch's before they expanded with the squad but then again, everything is great and easy in hindsight.

Not funny at all, but at least entertaining

Smosh saves itself from the pits of YouTube trash for having a genuine fanbase not built up with ridiculous thumbnail girls YouTube is infamous for, being technically impressive, and maybe making me laugh once or twice.

Otherwise, it's exactly the kind of crap that I hate YouTube for.