Reviews: Game Grumps

A look at the Jon time and Danny time of Game Grumps

Just a quick review and comparing and contrasting between the different "eras". On the whole its a fun show with Arin "Egoraptor" having good chemistry with both Jon and Danny while they play through the games, cracking jokes, and whatever other shenanigans happen.

That being said when it was Jon in the other seat there was a lot of dead gameplay on the screen. Because neither Arin or Jon paid much attention to game text or information in the screen they frequently got lost or continuously failed to the point where they get frustrated and possibly raged quit the series (As seen in the large number of games in the main page). But it was fine it was enjoyable to listen to the two of them shoot the shit back and forth. Another issue a lot of times came from the Vs videos, especially in times of games neither have played. Jon had a knack for playing fresh games while Arin usually got frustrated to the point of anger.

Now switching gears over to Danny there felt like a big shift in the show. The focused change from simply hanging out, playing games , and cracking jokes to playing games and cracking jokes. While the same level of chemistry and friendship is still present between Arin and Danny, I feel they both have a much stronger desire to play the games for their viewers while being funny. Because of this outside of the one-shot episodes, they tend to be sticking with games too the end or at least they give word within the video that they won't be continuing a particular game. In the last video of the "Journey to Silius" playhthrough after dying and having to restart from the beginning they made it known they wouldn't be continuing anytime soon due to the amount of time already sunk into a not terribly interesting game. With Jon they probably would have simply raged quit without any acknowledgement.

And lastly is the only common factor between then and now Arik "Egoraptor" himself. I felt like when he was playing Jon he would be more frustrated with games they played, whether or not this is Jon himself as a factor or simply the selection of shitty games is really an unknown to me. But I do notice that with Danny he's a more much positive "Grump" since he seems to grumpy as a joke rather than actually mad at something.