Reviews: The Most Popular Girls In School

Please, check this series out!

One of the best indie series, that has never even made it onto television as of this writing, all started with an sketch at a small improv theater.

Sure, the children's dolls, the over-the-top vulgarity and cursing, the many references in which today's audiences may not understand sometimes, and frequent Toilet Humor may turn away many a newcomer, but trust me, it's well worth the stay.

Story-wise, it starts out simple and gag-orientated, but everything grows far more complex after the worldbuilding from Season 1. There's no loose ends, no blue-balling (*cough* Steven Universe *cough*), many humorous callbacks to keep things up-to-date, plenty of well-developed and diverse characters, an unchanging Grey and Gray Morality, dramatic monologues, amazing plot twists, even a few tearjerking moments, and the animation just grows over the seasons.

To sum it up, amateur-created, adult-orientated Barbie Stop Motion MPGiS is a bizarre and yet utterly brilliant masterpiece of a raunchy dramedy.