Reviews: The Demented Cartoon Movie

I wasn't supposed to like this!!

For some reason, I decided to watch The Demented Cartoon Movie when no one was home. I figured I'd find myself watching with a mixture of horror and vague, ironic amusement as a poorly-written mess of "random" humour unfolded before my eyes.

Surprisingly, I actually sincerely enjoyed watching this thing. I don't know what distinguishes it from other "LOL RANDOM" flash cartoons, but The DCM had me in stitches the whole way through. Maybe it's because I'm a bit more easily amused than I thought, but I like to imagine otherwise. If you have 30 minutes to burn watching silly cartoons, The Demented Cartoon Movie is significantly Better Than It Sounds.

Well then.

No-one's going to argue that it doesn't have a inaccurate title - This is one messed up story (If you can even call it a story)

Negative Continuity, earth shattering Kabooms, and pretty much everything all adds up to the most insane video i've ever seen.

And, it's hilarious. It starts out very stick-figure typical - but then, it turns flat out insane and hilarious by the end.

Don't miss it.