Reviews: World Of Tanks

Drive the WWII tank of your dreams, but ignore the players who insult your driving methods.

For those of you are obsessive about winning, this isn't the game for you. Seriously, you will be lucky if the percentage rises above 51. And those who are sensitive to profanity and insults, look elsewhere. With that out of the way, this is a team-oriented MMO. Instead of an 30 player free-for-all, we have 2 teams of 15 players pitted against each other, on a battlefield where your early movements have an decisive impact on the gameplay.

Although each of the 5 classes of tanks has it's own merits, each country that said tank could belong to has an underlying strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, while one nation has slow-firing heavily armored tanks, another may have faster-firing mobile tanks in the same class, adding an extra layer of planning. The player can acquire and customize these tanks buy earning experience points and the silver required to actually purchase them by earning them with the tanks they have in the various battle modes. In Random Battle, we have a 15 versus 15 layout against random players and it is worth noting that this is the most popular mode. Team Battles and Tank Company are identical to Random Battle, save that they both limit what tanks are involved based off of their tiers. Historical Battle is an recent addition that features an skirmish between select tanks, but ironically, this one is void of any activity. Platoon mode allows you to form an three-man team to fight in Random Battle, and the Team Training mode is an sandboxed match.

Overall, the game itself is impressive and the graphics and sound effects are arguably realistic, but don't argue with the game's community about the merits of artillery or the ethics of sniping with an heavy. And there's also the matter of the lack of formal instruction that comes with the game. The in-game tutorial alone, explains how to move, shoot, and lead shots as an standard tank. What it's missing is how to effectively fight as an team, operate an artillery tank, increasing your vehicle's effective armor thickness and many more vital survival guidelines. For those, the average player must browse the game's wiki and forums for such information. All-in-all it's an great game, but it could use some improvement in the variety section.