Reviews: Trine

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  • 25th May 10
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The multiplayer shines.

Bored with your PS3 library? Got two bored buddies sitting around with you?

Download Trine. You might just have a total blast.

This puzzle platformer provides the perfect combination of exploration, hilarious physics hijinx, and meaningful teamwork. There are three playable characters — a knight who specializes in brute force, a thief who specializes in mobility, and a wizard who can't directly attack but can mess with the physics engine and create his own objects. They all have downright cool powers, so none are unpleasant to be stuck with. Each character plays a very specific role in gathering experience points, finding hidden treasure chests with awesome inventory items, and just to surviving to the end of the level. The key is to have everyone pick one character and really bond with it, then unleash your team into the level.

The game is also extremely forgiving, so you won't have to worry about getting stuck or frustrated at one part for too long. Death Is A Slap On The Wrist, as you will simply respawn at the last checkpoint if you all die, and the stage even remains unchanged — enemies stay dead, items stay collected, and the wizard's objects even remain in place! And if you can't figure a puzzle out, brute force stacking of blocks and bridges will usually do the trick in any given situation. So feel free to jump around recklessly, die stupidly, or even sabotage your teammates for fun — it's all good.

There are two glaring flaws present near the end of the game that should be noted. First, there is so much Scenery Porn in the final levels that the framerate slows to a crawl in three-player mode, making it difficult to control your character, especially during battles where you have your flashy weapons fully upgraded. Secondly, the end level is truly frustrating and difficult, in contrast to the rest of the game, and you must watch the loading screen each time you die, since the entire stage must be reset. Don't feel bad if you almost beat the whole game in one sitting but can't clear that final level... we certainly didn't.

As a single player game, Trine is a short and adequate, if not beautiful, 2D platforming experience. Get two friends in on it, though, and it's one of those games that you will fondly remember staying up until four in the morning trying to beat together.