Reviews: Sonic Chronicles

A decent RPG

Being a huge fan of Sonic, I could not wait to get Sonic Chronicles. In all, it was a very good game. The characters are well done (and Big is quite the parody), and the battle system is fantastic. However, the game lags a LOT if more than just Sonic and an enemy are on screen, it isn't noticable until you go back to the one-on-one fighting, so BioWare did a great job of masking that. The game really starts glitching up with new game +, with pallete errors and enemies walking right off the map! If you're looking for a new Sonic expereince, pick this game up, but I don't think that this is for hard-core RPG fans.
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  • 14th Dec 10
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Leave it to Bio Ware to save the sonic franchise!

Bio Ware, which has never made a bag game to this troper's knowledge has outdone itself here. To think, that after sooooo many years of BAD BAD BAAAD! sonic games, here's finally a halfway decent one. I could compare this to Super Mario RPG, as a great example of how to do RPG/Platforming, and even the battle system is nostalgic to SMRPG. The fact that it drew heavily from the Sonic comics, the old genesis games, and Sat Am instead of trying (and failing) to create a new setting from scratch like the last few sonic flops is also a good sign. Bioware's signature style of humor and characterization has managed to survive without compromising the E rating. That said let's look at the few negitives. The NP Cs have almost no character, and most of the side quests are bland, but all in all a good game. For the first time since the nineties, a sonic game that I don't feel embarassed playing. 4/5.