Reviews: Silent Hill Homecoming

Fantastically Creative

Silent Hill: Homecoming may not be the greatest title of the franchise, but it's certainly a worthy addition. Our protagonist is a Badass Normal veteran returning back to Sheperd's Glenn to search for his missing brother Josh. However, for an unknown reason, his hometown is being haunted by Silent Hill's presence.

Horror: Not that deep psychologically, but pretty high. Enemies mostly cause jump scares, but get scarier when you take a closer look at them. The bosses featured in the game bring a lot of the fear.

Graphics: Spectacular. Best graphics in the Silent Hill series.

Combat: A little overdone, but much easier at handling enemies than in previous titles.

Acting: A little flat, but more improved compared to the original games.

Story: Great. The story is one of the greatest parts in Homecoming. A tad linear, but purposely done to make the player feel entrapped with monsters in the dark. A lot of foreshadowing helps rev you up for upcoming challenges.

Music: Excellent as always. Even Silent Hill fans who disliked the game agreed that the music score was perfectly emotional.

Gameplay: Fun. The game definitely feels like a survival horror mixed with amazing action. The only downside is that the game can be beaten in a short amount of time after figuring out the combat system.

As a Silent Hill game, it's more like the Revenge of the Sith to the Silent Hill series. It's not perfect and has a few flaws, but it does have its own appeal to gamers and fans of the stupendous games. This videogame isn't as superior than the original trilogy, but it's a good start to get outsiders into the series as well. Homecoming is definitely worthy to be a part of the popular Survival Horror games and entertaining on its own.